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Veteran's Day Flag Ceremonies

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Sir Knights, the first patriotic event of the new fraternal year is upon us. On Veteran's Day (11/11/2020) the Fourth Degree Knights will be raising and lowering the American flag and holding a small prayer ceremony at St. Joseph Catholic Church and School in Fayetteville.

Location: St. Joseph Catholic Church in Fayetteville, AR.

1722 N Starr Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Attire: Attire should be appropriately respectful of the dignity and sacrifice of our veterans.

  • To protect the St. Joseph School children present, and to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, all Sir Knights must wear a mask.

  • Sir Knights may not wear the old regalia as it has been retired. A tuxedo and the social baldric are acceptable.

Schedule of Events:

Flag Raising: Muster at 7:15am at St. Joseph Flag Pole

  • Sir Knights will raise the flag in honor of our veterans.

  • Sir Knights will recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Sir Knights will pray the Litany for Liberty as written by the USCCB.

  • Copies of the Litany will be distributed the morning of the event. You may download it and print a copy ahead of time at the link below.

Download PDF • 28KB


Rosary: 11:00am at a place of the Sir Knight's choosing.

  • Our Lady of Fatima told us to "pray the Rosary daily for peace in the world." That peace came on 11/11/1918 in the form of the Armistice ending World War I.

  • Pray the Glorious Mysteries as they are the appropriate Mysteries for the day.

  • In respect for our Blessed Mother, in hope of peace in our world, and in celebration of the lives saved by the Armistice, we ask all Sir Knights to pray the Rosary at this time whether they can attend the other events in-person or not.

How to Pray the Rosary
Download PDF • 803KB

Flag Lowering: Muster at 4:45pm at St. Joseph Flag Pole

  • Projected sunset on November 11th is 5:06pm and the flag must be down by then.

  • Sir Knights will lower and fold the flag in honor of our veterans.

  • Sir Knights will pray the St. Michael Chaplet for the protection of all United States soldiers, guardsmen, sailors, marines, and airmen currently serving today.

  • Copies of how to pray the St. Michael Chaplet will be distributed the evening of the event. You may download it and print a copy ahead of time at the link below.

The Chaplet of St Michael
Download PDF • 135KB

Other notes and recommendations:

  • The event will take place in the morning during drop-off of students at St. Joseph Catholic school. To avoid disrupting the SJCS car line, please park at the west end of the parking lot. In the evening, St. Joseph Catholic School will no longer be in session and Sir Knights may park closer to the flag pole.

  • Sir Knights desiring to participate, but unable to attend are encouraged to pray along with us at the times listed above.

  • If Sir Knights are unable to attend the event at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Fayetteville due to distance, they are encouraged to hold a similar event for their local Council at their Parish.

  • All members participating remotely are encouraged to contact the Faithful Navigator to confirm their participation in the event -- even if they joined their prayers for only one session. Commenting in the section below is sufficient.

  • Please direct all further questions, comments, or ideas to the Faithful Navigator.

  • In case of inclement weather, the flag should not be raised. Presently the weather is expected to be fine. Should that change, an alternative plan will be shared by the Faithful Navigator within 24 hours of the event.

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