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Apply to Join the Fourth Degree

Are you ready to answer the call?

To Apply for the Highest Degree of the Order, you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age

  • A citizen of the country in which you reside

  • A practical Catholic in union with the Holy See 

  • A Third Degree member in good standing, it’s time to consider joining the ranks of the Fourth Degree.

Here is the chance to do more for your God and your country.

Common Questions About Joining


Can I still participate in my home Council after I join the Assembly?

Yes, of course.  The obligations of your first three degrees, Charity, Unity, and Fraternity do not lessen upon joining the Fourth Degree.  The Fourth Degree is meant to be additive and enriching -- not a replacement for the good work you do in your Council.  Sir Knights of the Fourth Degree are given greater opportunities to advance the principles of Columbianism through Patriotism.  Often, Sir Knights find that by participating in the Assembly they become better prepared to serve as leaders (formally or informally) within their Council.


Is purchasing the Fourth Degree uniform a requirement of membership?

No.  While wearing the uniform is a privilege extended only to members of the Fourth Degree, owning a Fourth Degree uniform is not a requirement for membership or participation in the Fourth Degree Assembly.  However, to participate in the Honor Guard and Color Guard a uniform and sword are required.  Uniforms can be purchased as a package or in pieces and make can make great Christmas gifts.  To learn more about the new uniform visit

StPatricks Parade.jpg

What about the "feathery" hats and colorful capes?  Will I wear those?

Not anymore.  The chapeaus, tuxedos, and capes were a long-time tradition of the Fourth Degree Honor Guard and Color Guard.  However, like all good things, their time came to an end, and the order has sunset the use of that regalia.  Members who own the old regalia no longer use it for Knights of Columbus activities.  While many Sir Knights still look fondly on this uniform, and we still use the same sword and scabbard, the historic regalia has been retired.  The new uniform can be found at


Are there additional costs associated with membership in the Fourth Degree?

Membership in the Fourth Degree Assembly has dues just like membership in your current Council.  These dues are in addition to your Council dues.  They go to support the good works of the Knights of Columbus and Assembly programs such as funding the "Memorial Chalice Program" for deceased Fourth Degree members.  For Assembly #3101, dues are $25 per year.  You also have the option to purchase a sword and Fourth Degree uniform, but these are optional.


When are meetings and what can I expect when I attend?

Meetings for Assembly #3101 are on the third Thursday of each month.  The flow of the meeting is very similar to Council meetings.  However, in addition to being the Patriotic Degree, the Fourth Degree is sometimes called the "Social Degree" of the order as well.  Since Fourth Degree Assemblies draw the most committed Knights from several Councils, meetings are a great opportunity to expand your network and build Catholic fellowship throughout Northwest Arkansas.


How does the Assembly exemplify Patriotism in Northwest Arkansas?

There are a variety of ways that Sir Knights of the Fourth Degree can become involved in activities that promote Patriotism and good Catholic citizenship.  Whether advocating for policy changes in-line with Catholic social teaching, to holding essay contests for high schoolers, to honoring our veterans, there are many civic activities sponsored by the Assembly.  Find out more here.  However, we are always looking for new ideas, new ways of serving, and new energy.  If you have a patriotic passion project that needs an outlet, you are looking for support in the right place.

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