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Our Councils


“We have set the wheel in motion, and with willing cooperation in a work that tends so much to our own welfare, we venture to say that soon, very soon, the Order of the Knights of Columbus will hold a prominent place among the best Catholic cooperative corporations in the Union. … ‘Unity and Charity’ is our motto. Unity in order to gain strength to be charitable to each other in benevolence whilst we live and in bestowing financial aid to those whom we have to mourn our loss.”

Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney, Founder of the Knights of Columbus, 1883


When the Blessed Fr. Michael McGiveny, founder of the Knights of Columbus, first created the order, there was no Fourth Degree.  It was not until 10 years after his death that 1500 Brother Knights took part in the first-ever Fourth Degree exemplification.  What was true then is still true 120 year later:  the bedrock foundation of the Knights of Columbus is the local Parish Councils.  Here in Northwest Arkansas, several Councils across Fayetteville, Springdale, Tontitown, and Siloam Springs feed Assembly #3101.  Their good works of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity bring notoriety to the Knights of Columbus.  If you are not yet a Knight, but are searching for a K of C Council in Northwest Arkansas, look below:


Fr. Bandini Council #4538

Serving St. Joseph Parish, Tontitown

Named for Father Pietro Bandini (1852-1917), the Italian priest who founded Tontitown, Council #4538 is the oldest K of C Council in Washington County.  The Council is currently inactive, and presents and opportunity for motivated Knights to reenergize this historic Council.  If you are interested of taking up this challenge, please contact the K of C Arkansas State Council.


St. Raphael Council #12082

Serving St. Raphael Parish, Springdale

The St. Raphael Knights of Columbus run one of the most successful K of C events all-year with their annual fireworks tent.  The St. Raphael K of C have the responsibility for serving one of the largest Parishes in the entire Diocese of Little Rock.  With such responsibility, more hands make light work.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the Knights of Columbus at St. Raphael Parish you can find out more by visiting this link.


Divine Mercy Council #13829

Serving St. Mary's Parish, Siloam Springs

Located on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, the Divine Mercy Council is the Western-most K of C

Council in Washington County.  This Council has produced Knights that have gone on to take positions of significant leadership within the Arkansas State Council and within Assembly #3101.  If you are interested in becoming a Knight of Columbus at St. Mary's ask one of the Brother Knights after Mass.

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