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Fourth Degree to Hold Patriotic Rosary for America on 2/1 in Siloam Springs, AR


Where: St. Mary's Catholic Church in Siloam Springs, AR

When: February 1, 2021 at 6:30pm

Attendance: In-person, virtual option is being explored.

On February 1, 2021, the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assembly #3101 will be hosting a Patriotic Rosary for America. The event will be live and open to the public at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Siloam Springs, AR.

The date was chosen because February 1 is recognized as "National Freedom Day" in the United States. The date begins Black History Month and celebrates the end of slavery. Cherishing America's freedoms and upholding the dignity of the human person are core components of the Knights of Columbus Patriotic Degree. As we pray for America, it is fitting that we do so on a day that celebrates freedom and equality.

When the event was first planned in October, we also wanted to hold the event following the Presidential inauguration and the start of the new session of Congress. Our hope was that the prayers we offered would provide them with the wisdom to govern justly. Now, after the recent events in Washington DC, the need to pray for our fellow Americans and for the integrity of our Republic is even greater.

The Patriotic Rosary is a beautiful way to pray for our nation's civil leaders, clergy, and for the faithful citizens of all 50 States. Each prayer on the Rosary is dedicated to something special. These causes may be for the President, the conversion of the country, our Bishops, or the different branches of government. Most notably, each of the 50 "Hail Mary" beads is offered for one of the 50 States. If ever there was a way to heal the divisions within the country today and to foster unity, it is the Rosary.

All brother Knights are welcome to join us at St. Mary's in Siloam Springs (within the appropriate COVID limits of the Parish). It will be good to see many of you in-person and to participate together in our first Public, Patriotic, Parish activity of 2021. We are exploring the option for this event to also be broadcast live over the internet to increase participation potential. Please keep checking the website for details. Participants should make sure to wear a mask and follow all COVID safety protocols of the Parish and any relevant laws. Participation is voluntary. If you do not feel you can attend safely, and/or you do not have an internet option for participation, you are encouraged to pray along with us using the following guide for the event:

Freedom Rosary and Litany
Download PDF • 218KB

May God Continue to Bless America. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the United States, pray for us.

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