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Assembly Donates Stocking Caps to Seminarians, Needy

When speaking with Fr. Endres about the Soldiers of the Cross Presentation on December 17th, an opportunity arose for the Assembly to do good across state lines..

Winter in Ohio is always cold. There is always a need for warm weather gear. This is especially true for the needy, but also from international seminarians coming to a cold-weather climate for the first time. Thankfully, from an old work promotion, a stockpile of 25 black stocking caps was available for donation. Now, an entire class of seminarians will have warm heads during the winter thanks to the Charity of the Knights of Columbus. However, the good work doesn't stop with "just" the seminarians.

The excess hats not needed at the seminary will be donated to a group of Carmelite nuns doing work in the "Over the Rhine" district of Cincinnati. Whatever the Seminary doesn't need will be given to the sisters to distribute to the poor in one of Cincinnati's neediest communities.

While the Assembly is charged with being the Patriotic Degree of the Order, when an opportunity for Charity arises, it should be the first priority of all Knights of Columbus. The hats will be delivered this week, and the winter will be a little warmer for those in need.

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